Postman Pat at the Baths Hall



Postman Pat is a national treasure and an old childhood favourite of mine so when I found out the show was on at the Baths Hall in Scunthorpe I was certainly intrigued and just had to see it.

The popularity of Postman Pat was obvious from the number of people at the theatre and the Baths Hall was full of excited children (and equally excited adults).

Well, what an amazing show!

The costumes, scenery and television footage used were brilliant. The animated series was cleverly adapted for the stage, even the character voices were the same as in the television series.

The show was lively, fun and interactive with children singing and dancing along. Our little baby clapped his hands and giggled every time Jess the cat uttered a little meow! I think what really impressed me was that the show wasn’t too loud. This probably makes me sound very old but we recently saw Peppa Pig on stage in a small theatre and it was painfully loud, not good for small peoples ears but also not enjoyable to sit through. The sound levels of this show seemed perfect and definitively made for a more enjoyable theatre experience.

This was a pleasant show in a lovely theatre with impeccable facilities.


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